Shared Child Custody And Visitation Settings Made Easier With A Boutique Hotel Setting

Shared Child Custody And Visitation Settings Made Easier With A Boutique Hotel Setting

When parents get divorced and want to share custody, this can work well unless one of the parents moves away. Even regular visitation can be a problem when the two individuals live relatively far apart. One solution that may be acceptable would be for one parent to live with the child in Melbourne and the other parent to visit regularly and stay at a hotels melbourne has available. That parent may even decide to have a standing reservation at the hotel for every other weekend or another regular multi-day stay.

An example of the Boutique Hotels Melbourne is known for, Treasury on Collins, is particularly suitable for a divorced parent visiting a child living in the area. With two-bedroom apartment options, the parent and child can stay at the hotel together and each have private sleeping space. The primary custodial parent might normally be a little nervous about having a youngster spending so much time in a typical chain hotel, but a boutique accommodation melbourne has available is much more reassuring. The rooms and apartments are luxurious and include a minimum of microwave ovens and small refrigerators. A two-bedroom apartment at this type of hotel has a stove top and dishwasher as well, and the parent can even do laundry right there in the apartment.

An apartment hotel melbourne guests appreciate is suitable for another type of shared parenting. In a form of shared custody known as bird's nest parenting, the child stays in one home instead of traveling back and forth to each parent's place of residence. Instead, the parents move in and out of the child's home. This can be difficult because it essentially means the divorced couple must maintain three homes, one for each of them and one where the child lives. Rather than do this, one or both of them can have standing reservations at a hotel apartment or suite.

Now there's at least one fewer residence requiring cleaning and maintenance, since hotel staff handles all of that. One or both of the parents might even keep the lodging paid for all year round so it functions as their second home, with nobody else using that particular room or apartment. Since the furnishings and linens are all provided, there's no need for anyone to buy these things. The children will also find it fun to visit the hotel on occasion and explore the city center of Melbourne with the parents.