New Glue Technology Treats Varicose Veins In Less

New Glue Technology Treats Varicose Veins In Less

A new medical technique that uses an adhesive called venaseal is proving helpful for people who have varicose veins. Doctors inject this medical-grade adhesive into the vein, which seals it. Other technology that is used to seal veins involves using heat from lasers or radio frequency. Those were welcome alternatives to surgical vein removal, although surgery still must be performed with some patients who have exceptionally serious problems with varicose veins. Using lasers and radio frequency is considered non-invasive, and this new adhesive technology is even faster and less invasive than the heat therapies.

Sealing the vein with vein disease Vein Glue tells the body that this blood vessel is no longer functional. In reality, this enlarged and deformed vein has not been truly functional for a long time, since it has lost the ability to send blood back to the heart due to defective valves. That keeps blood pooled in the vein. The patient experiences sensations in the leg of discomfort, heaviness and even outright pain. They can even cause skin ulcers when the vein is near the surface. In addition, a person with varicose veins commonly considers them to be unsightly and may avoid wearing shorts or other clothing that reveal the legs. Varicose veins are common, but that doesn't mean they are acceptable to most individuals.

This glue treatment only requires a local anesthetic. The doctor who injects the liquid uses ultrasound imagery to guide the catheter into the proper position. The vein glue is a liquid when it's injected and it becomes a solid once it's in place. The injection means the patient only has a tiny hole as evidence of the therapy, which is not much of a wound when compared with any other varicose vein treatment.

After the vein is sealed, the body gradually absorbs this blood vessel. Because the legs have so many other veins, the one that disappears is never missed. Blood is simply routed through other blood vessels.

This vein glue treatment is a relatively quick procedure. It usually takes less than half an hour, and the patient can be up walking around within another 30 minutes. Recovery time is minimal, and the patient can return to many usual activities the same day. This is a substantial difference from invasive varicose vein surgery. With glue treatment, the vein won't disappear instantly, but the individual can feel satisfied watching it become smaller and smaller until finally it's completely gone.